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Simple Application

Please email your resume, with all your contact information, to jobs@fenety.com and then call 858-7807 Ext 398, listen to the message, and then read the following sample telephone script:


"Hello Mr. Jones, It's (Your Name), calling on behalf of the Ontario Command of the Royal Canadian Legion, representing our VETERANS, How are you? Good.

Just a quick call for you and as always the call may be recorded for quality control.

The reason for our call Mr. Jones is that we are reaching out to ask for support, as we are very proud to be printing our 4th ANNUAL Military Service Recognition Book. It goes out to help HONOR and RECOGNIZE OUR veterans. The Publication also gets out this year in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of Canada’s famous battle at Vimy Ridge. (END)

You will receive an email response or phone call back from us within 48 hours.

Thank you for your interest in working at Fenety Marketing Services.

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